Examples of Our Award-Winning Work

You may not know our name, but more than likely you have seen or read about our work. Our philosophy eschews company self promotion and aggrandizement in favor of branding our clients and their programs-the raison d'etre of all our work. Following are links to some samples of the many cutting edge, award-winning work produced by our company and its associates over the last decade.


This extremely popular website reaches the general public coordinating all the environmental activities culminating with Earth Day each year. In addition to the over 30 million hits each month, this extremely robust website actually had ¾ million visitors in a single 24 hour period: Earth Day, 2007.
PrevLine is a wonderful example of an extremely large content, multi-audience website that serves, research scientists, lay people, health providers, public officials, and youth themselves. Reaching a million Americans a year, this is one of the only two federal government websites that has made the “Health Top 100 Websites.” Ranking Number 4, it has won dozens of web, health, and education awards. (We also developed the other ranking site.) This was the first federal health site on the World Wide Web and is the world’s largest repository of Alcohol and Illicit Drug information.
The first and premier portal which makes Information readily available to all citizens, public officials, the press, first responders, homeland security, and public health professionals worldwide. It deliver a comprehensive search engine, worldwide Avian Flu news, expertise and U.S. pandemic plans for each state. it is searchable in several different languages.
This is a portal for the National Multicultural Institute and illustrates a basic institutional tool for the membership of this leading national organization promoting and training for ethnic and gender diversity. It provides the nation's premier access to information the world over about human trafficing.


A highly acclaimed, dynamic, data base driven website that has downloaded over 100 million political and historical quotations to students, scholars, journalists, and politicians throughout the world since its launch in July of 2006. The Microsoft Sequel Server data base is a very large one—over a gigabyte—housing over 50,000 quotations, conceptually indexed into almost 22,000 categories involving over 150,000 citations. BEA not only designed the data base and the programming, but also, acquires the content, edits, same and promotes the data base making it the most widely used of its kind in the world.
This research compendium data base provides access to over 100,000 bibliographic abstracts, full text articles and reports which focus on drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, as well as children of alcoholics, mental health, social marketing, employee assistance programs, and health communication issues. This data base is searched thousands of times each day. We not operate the web servers but developed the technique of serving and searching a bibliographic data base over the World Wide Web. As typical of much of our work, we have the ongoing responsibility for the content selection, abstracting, and loading the abstract and original document into the data base.


The Young & Restless: Generation X & Alcohol  
A Report of the Department of Health and Human Services Center for Substance Abuse Prevention. It was the strategy paper for health social marketing alcohol problem prevention to the Generation X’s—a vastly different new generation in terms of demographics and psychographics.

This PowerPoint presentation illustrates how we take quantitative information and present it in a manner that ordinary people can understand it. It also shows how, with advanced communicators designing the presentation, very sophisticated animations can be used, not to present 'whiz-bang' graphics, but control the presentation process so that comprehension of complex epidemiological information can be assured. Download it and see for yourself.