About Us

BEA is a woman-owned small professional services firm that was founded in 1986, and since then, our professional associates have completed thousands of assignments for government and the private sector—including both not for profit and for profit organizations.


All of our work has always had one common goal—improvement in the quality, availability and cost efficiency of the human services that are so fundamental to a democratic way of life. Health, education, economic opportunity, and freedom within an egalitarian social and legal framework are the four fundamental pillars of American culture that are admired and emulated by many developing and emerging peoples throughout the world.

These four elements are necessary for the individual pursuit of happiness promised by the Declaration of Independence. Until the Declaration was adopted, no government in human history had ever been created by people for that purpose. Addressing these four areas requires great effort, especially as our hopes and standards have risen over the years. Human progress, since the founding of America, has been characterized by a greater proportion of the population obtaining more and more success increasing each of the four. That characterizes the mission and purpose of BEA Enterprises Inc. since its inception. All of our BEA associates have striven to make contributions to these four fundamental factors and they characterize all our work.

We strive to improve the quality of health and continue to eliminate the disparities that still remain. Improving education has been a center of excellence for us because it is both necessary for gainful employment and critical to our national competitiveness. In order for more people to appreciate the modern world and contribute to its continuous improvement, we need to find solutions to those critical problems brought about in many cases by our very progress and success. Our commitment to the importance of economic development stems from the desire for more people to enjoy the fruits of our productive society, and ensuring that resources will be developed to cope with the problems of progress and ensure that our way of life is protected and becomes available to those many in the world that want it for their societies as well.

Health is certainly a prerequisite for achieving the other fundamental factors. Every improvement whets our appetites for improved care as we learn that things that were once impossible are easily achievable today. Sometimes it appears that technology has outraced expected improvements in the quality of health and overall quality of life. Yesterday’s miracle is today’s intolerable condition. Since the improvement in the human, behavioral impact on our quality of health and life have not kept pace with our technological achievements, we strive to work for the former which is so critical to the next dramatic jump in the health of the human race. Finally, the preservation of freedom is the other commitment we have always had. Without it, all the other factors become harder and less likely to achieve. After all, freedom is what so many Americans have sacrificed the other three for in order to preserve those fundamental values we cherish so much.


Our company began over 20 years ago working in youth unemployment and remedial education. From there, our associate’s activities focused on those health problems that can be ameliorated by behavioral change in the population. Then we worked in the area of economic development both domestically and internationally. High tech and even higher touch have characterized the work of our officers and associates. Since the inception of the company we have employed appropriate technology in our work. Pioneering in computer-assisted instruction (CAI) and the use of personal computers, we were among the earliest to use the World Wide Web to reach professionals and the public. We designed and developed the first Web site that could make large, bibliographic databases available over the Internet. We did the architecture of the first Web site that Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) hosted using the Microsoft .NET platform. We designed innovative contact centers that would be exemplary in providing health information and conducting social marketing campaigns. Through these efforts we developed model techniques in using modern technology together with personal, professional involvement to enable participation of tens of thousands of citizens and groups in national policy and regulation development.


Our company officers and associates have a superlative track record as evidenced by great client reviews and references. Our work has received hundreds of awards in many fields. We have developed Web sites that were designated “Site of the Day” by Yahoo. We have produced videos that have been awarded the highest honors. Our materials development has been recognized numerous times for production and design values in various media ranging from print to CD, as well as for content and scientific accuracy by medical, health, education, and human rights organizations.